Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Since 1989, Kite Studio has specialized in kite supplies.

Except for a brief period in the 1990’s when we sold kites to a few walk in customers, we never carried manufactured kites. Our focus has always been toward kitebuilding. However, the popularity of our website has grown over the years. A lot of people come to kitebuilder.com as a result of searching for a kite. So I now feel it is time that we reward these potential customers by offering something that fly’s. But our focus will continue to be aimed toward the kitebuilder. You may say, huh? How are we going to do that?

Well... I’ve been noticing over the past couple years that some big name manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to kitebuilding competitions. Some of the kites that I judge at festivals and some of the kitebuilders that I congratulate with an award, are being approached by vendors and asked if they would be interested in a contract. The companies are actually paying royalties to the original builder of the kite! Now I don’t think the designers are getting super rich of these monies, but at least it provides some recognition and few dollars to support their hobby. I would like to support them further.

A lot of these builders have been buying from Kite Studio for many years, so if I can help direct money back into their pocket, then I can rationalize my “kitebuilding focus” by by selling the kites that kitebuilders design. At least it makes sense to me. Who knows, if new customers become interested and buy a kite, they might break something while flying, come back for a replacement part, and discover they can fix things on their own… thereby planting a seed that kitebuilding could be in their future.

So… I hope you will support this new endeavor. Point your non-building buddies in this direction if they are looking for a kite. I won’t be selling ALL the kites available in the world, but I will be offering a few quality creations that are backed by the seal of approval from the original designers... your fellow flyers... many of whom "lurk" in the kitebuilder.com forum. Maybe this will prod them into talking?

You can view the current selection HERE, but realize I am just getting started. I will be adding more as we go along. Starting in December, I will feature a different kitebuilder each month which will include reduced prices on all their kites.

Now go build a kite… Get ready for the 2007 season. Maybe YOU will be the next designer with a contract!

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