Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kitebuilder Fall Newsletter, part two

Happy holidays kitebuilder! This email is the second part of the Autumn newsletter that was sent out last month, serving as a reminder of a couple "happenings" on the website. Click on the headings below for more information.


It is the time of year to decide the forums' two highest honors: 2007 Kite of the Year, and 2007 Kitebuilder of the Year. Throughout December, we are in the nomination process. In January we will vote and the announcement of the winner will be made on January 15 (or thereabouts :) If you haven’t been to the website lately, check it out. The kites being nominated are the best of the year and great photos have been posted. If you are an active member of the forum, make a nomination! Surely there is one kite that dropped your jaw to the table, or one kitebuilder that challenged your thinking and taught you something particularly useful. We need your input.


Have you peeked inside the auction room lately? Lots of cool kites and supplies up for bid. As of today, I see lots of fabric, inflatable line laundry items, deltas, double stars, eddy's, facets, a hot tacker, grommet tool, and an assortment of sewing notions. I even see a kit of all the spars and fittings you need to create one of those big circle kites made famous by Andre’ Cassagne, Pete Dolphin, and Jim Swanson. Support your fellow kitebuilder, send him a few bucks, and get a cool item in return! Remember, you must register and log into the forum to bid on auctions.


Still looking for ideas for your favorite kitebuilder? Kite Studio gift certificates are perfect! Let him pick out what he needs, when he needs it. As a reminder, if you are ordering a gift certificate online, and if it is the only item in your order, the shipping charge will be eliminated and delivered via US postal service. This "adjustment" will not appear during checkout. If you want the certificate sent to a different address and want a note included, be sure to add this info in the "comment" section during checkout. Kite Studio gift certificates are good for one year after the date purchase.


Lots of stuff on sale this month.

- Save 20% on Wrapped Graphite Spars - the lowest prices of the year.

- Our .65 ounce $3.00 sale is still going strong, however several colors are nearing the end - when it is gone, we will not be offering it again.

- Polyester Ripstop as low as $3.33/yard

- .75 and 1.5 nylons in assorted colors, as low as $3.00/yard

- 3,000 foot spools of kite line is selling out, and currently at $16.00 per roll. Price will drop two more times this year, but the inventory is getting very low on certain colors and weights. I guarantee, the price will be higher on Jan 1, 2008

- Great savings on the Engel Super-Pro Hot Knife, and Artograph Opaque Projector

- And more... log into the website.


New shirts, hats, stickers and buttons are added constantly to our closet; perhaps a few would be good additions to yours?

So that’s about it for now. The biggest thing in this email was to notify you of the year end awards. It really is an important decision and I would like your input and vote. As the forum continually grows, the significance of the award becomes greater and greater. Stop by for a visit, you might learn something too!

I can’t believe the year is almost over… Enjoy the holiday season, and extend my best wishes to your family for a great new year. Thank you for a successful 2007. New winds are on the horizon.

Steve Ferrel
Kite Studio
office: 610-395-3560


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