Friday, October 27, 2006

Kite power in action on the ice

Medical students to doctors before we reach the South Pole

By (Robert Conway)

I am a bearer of bad news. Extreme South, the planned expedition to the South Pole in 2006 by Toby Williams and myself, has been postponed. We have decided that rather than compromise our planned route, we will wait until 2009 when we will attempt a new and ground-breaking journey to the South Pole and beyond.

Kite power in action on the ice. As you may know, we planned to follow the route to the pole taken by Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Dr Edward Wilson, an alumnus of St George's, where we too study. However, without the funding in place ...

Umanoff's Kite Connectors

"Martin Umanoff patented these kite connectors in 1964, the applicant was Pressman Toy Corporation. This invention tries "to provide an improved kite construction in which the assembly thereof does not require the penetration of or damage to the..."

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

2006 AKA Grand Champion

Zhao Ji Chen wins 2006 AKA Grand National Champion with his mechanical centipede kite. Congratulations!

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[auction] Kite Fabric

Auction Alert! Ending October 30

A large assortment of KITE FABRIC that has been accumulating in the corner of the shop for a couple months. Discontinued colors, remnants, and seconds with defects a little out of the ordinary. A quick glance shows various yardages in white, black, blue, yellow, light blue, dark green, teal, raspberry, silver, and more. I assure you, the retail value will be WELL OVER $100.00. The cool thing about this type of offer is the higher the bidding war goes, the heavier I pack the box!

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"Nine Dragons" kite in Nanjing

A man flys a 499-metre-long kite consisting of nine dragons'bodies and heads in Nanjing,capital of East China's Jiangsu Province... click here

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Benjamin Franklin's 'lightning kite' paper goes online

Benjamin Franklin's 1752 paper describing how he conducted lightning with a kite is one of hundreds of landmark scientific papers now available to the public in an electronic archive compiled by the Royal Society in London.

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[video] This ship runs on wind power | CNET

[video] This ship runs on wind power CNET "CNET's Neha Tiwari speaks with the CEO of KiteShip, Jeremy Walker, about his company's football-stadium-size kites that help cut 20 percent of fuel and emissions from commercial ships. The interview took place at the California Clean Tech Open competition in San Francisco on Sept. 26, 2006."

[video] - Kite lifts womans skirt.

Kite lift skirt Video Some kids in asia clip a kite to a girls skirt while she rides a bike. I think it was staged.

Asian airport closed by mysterious flying kite

A kite forced the closure of Zhanjiang International Airport for half a day after it was found flying near the runway in the Guangdong port city over the weekend.

Asian airport closed by mysterious flying kite