Friday, November 17, 2006

Kite Flying tips, as only Corey can...

Check out these new Kite Flying Tips

The folks at Expert Village ("the worlds largest 'how-to' video site) asked Cory Jensen to shoot a bunch of video segments about kite flying. As past president of the American Kitefliers Association, and owner of WindPower Sports, Cory is definetly qualified. Check out these short videos; you will learn something about modern kiteflying, and you will probably smile along the way. Cory has a personality like no other!

From the Expert Village website: "Kiting has been an obsession for Corey since he was 12, flying kites on the Oregon Coast. In 1977, Jensen got into modern kiting while flying Denver Broncos kites off a hotel roof over the team's stadium during games. Since then he's been blown away at the variety of kite challenges. In 1985 Jensen and a partner opened a kite store on Cannery Row in California. They ran the shop for 12 years. He is now the owner of in Las Vegas."

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Jeff Hebert said...

We were happy to have Cory featured on the site; kiting's a cool hobby and I hope more people get to learn about it through the videos.

You can also embed the video in a blog post if you want; just go to a specific video page, then cut and paste the text in the "Embed this video" box into your blog post.

Anyway, thanks again to Cory, he's way cool.

Jeff Hebert, Expert Village Site Manager