Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kitebuilder News ~ June 2008

Hello kitebuilders, I’m going to keep this short. It’s a crazy time of year – the yards of ripstop and tubes of graphite have been flying out the door… no strings attached! Not much time is left at the end of the day for writing.

Or should I say Heads Down? Take a look at all the soon to end offers on the kitebuilders’ auction block. Todd Little, AKA Region Two Director, posted several items as a special auction to benefit the AKA 2008 Gettysburg, PA convention. Proceeds from this auction will go toward the Early bird Reception on opening night of the 2008 convention. Deltas, Boxes, Figures, Stunters, and Tails… great items for a great cause. Check ‘em out, bid 'em up...not much time remains.


Speaking of the upcoming convention, tonight I conclude the writing of the Kitemakers' Competition article and schedule for the convention program. I can hardly believe I am working on something that will take place in September. I’m not very good at planning ahead – usually working at least a week behind. Anyway, the convention runs Sept 22-27, 2008 and I’ll be organizing the Comprehensive Kitemakers Competition again this year. This will be my 15th convention and I always look forward to next one... never disappointed. I encourage you to consider attending - you WILL have a good time. Find more information on the AKA website here:

I realize many of you have been experiencing delays in receiving certain sizes of graphite (and fiberglass) tube (and rod). We are working with our vendor to get the quantities to you as soon as possible. There are demands on the manufacturer in MANY directions and they are trying to get back to normal inventory levels. They’ve asked me to extend apologies for all delays. If one size has been holding up your kite project, give me a call or email and I’ll try to suggest an alternative. I want to see your kites in the air as much as you do!

Are you a chocolate lover? If so, you'll love the current promotion. Chocolate colored flying line. 3000 feet of 200 pound line for fifteen bucks… where can you find a better deal than that? Other weights and lengths are also available. Check ‘em out here:

If you would like to discover additional kite festivals and building retreats, be sure to check our website link below. Forum members are posting events all over the world.


So that’s about all for now - I told you it was going to be short. Go back outside and enjoy your Summer!

--Steve Ferrel

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