Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Once Again Afghans Take to the Skies

By Jeff Swicord Kabul, Afghanistan07 November 2006

For centuries they have filled the skies above Kabul, often engaged in aerobatic battle. "Gudiparan bazi", or kite flying, is a sport that many Afghans have raised to the status of an art.
Mohammad AshareAfghans, like 12-year-old Mohammad Ashare, enjoy kite fighting with other flyers, trying to break the string of opponents and send their kites floating off in the wind. "Depends on how good your string is, then it is your technique,” says Mohammad. “For example, you roll your string on top of the other kite’s string, and never pull the string, just let roll."
Banned during the Taleban years because it was considered un-Islamic, kite flying has made a comeback in Kabul. And kite shops can now be found all over the city.

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