Wednesday, August 11, 2010

COLORED Kite Line!

Here we go again, another truckload has arrived.

Pallets and pallets of colored line at bargain prices between $10.00 and $35.00; and most spools are 3,000 feet. Assorted colors. You will not find a better deal. This braided line makes great bridles, and it is perfect for flying single line kites. Supply is limited, so grab your favorite color today. More info here:

Other uses include decorative knot tying, braiding, beading, jewelry, falconry, and gardening. We even sent twenty assorted colored spools to the CSI Lab at Penn State University... they are using it for identifying bullet trajectories!

Monday, February 08, 2010 :: View topic - Time to VOTE! :: Time to VOTE!

It is time to vote for the 2009 Kite and Kitebuilder of the year! More information in the CONTEST section of the forum: Please, all forum members, email in your votes ASAP. Deadline is February 21, 2010 "Whatakite" and "Nightfall" were featured all last year, who and what will wear the crowns throghout 2010?

Saturday, January 17, 2009



Hello kitebuilders, happy New Year! Despite the US economy, Kite Studio fared very well in 2008 and I need to thank all of you for your support. I know we experienced some order filling delays throughout the year - these were due mostly to production problems at the manufacturing level. We have great relationships with all our vendors and we have been told that many of the problems in ’08 have been resolved. So I am looking forward to the coming twelve months to test their production.

The activity levels in the catalog and forum have been great and I anticipate they will continue throughout 2009. This morning I added a new translation service to the website so our non-english speaking visitors have something to read. I have many more new features to implement so be sure to check back often.

Its that time of year again... Who deserves to be crowned of 2008 KiteBUILDER of the Year? Which kite deserves the honor of 2008 KITE of the Year? Even if you are not an active member of the forum, check out the nominations – They are fantastic kites created by great kitebuilders. Click the links below.

KITE of the year - 2008 was a wonderful year for kitebuilding... many new designs, beautiful graphics, and impressive flights were reported throughout the year. I know it was difficult to pick out nominations for the best, but now I am going to ask members to make a much more difficult decision. The 2007 Kite of the Year was John Whibley's "Cody" Which will it be for 2008?

KITEBUILDER of the year - This is always a difficult decision, perhaps even more so than Kite of the Year. Each of the nominees (and many other forum members) deserve so much credit and appreciation for the amount time they spend answering questions, asking questions, motivating participation, helping newcomers, building kites, sharing knowledge, expressing a positive attitude, and a whole lot more. This place wouldn’t be the same without them. But we can only crown one of them this year. Last year it was Jimbo… who’s it gonna be this year?

To vote you must be a registered forum member. All votes must be received by February 1, 2009.

I am pleased to announce a new online workshop! Bill Wilson from Nova Scotia, Canada will present to the world his version of the Fled Kite. Originally developed by Michael Andersen and Brooks Leffler, Wilson scaled up his design to more easily handle the 32.5 inch spars that he uses. The original intent of this kite was for Kite Aerial Photography (KAP) as it provides a nice, stable, platform for taking photos. Brooks Leffler sells the Fled and further describes the kite on his website:

"The Fled is a cross between the light-wind Flare and the traditional Sled. It's a stable, strong, light-wind kite that flies at a line angle of 65 - 70 degrees, just about perfect for KAP or line laundry. Despite its size, the Fled develops impressive lift; it will easily lift a camera rig of one pound in 6-8 mph wind, making it ideal for our BEAK series or an R/C or AuRiCo-controlled rig with a light point-&-shoot camera. The Fled is very forgiving. It will fly with or without the included drogue tail, and with or without bowing the spreader spar, but is more stable for KAP with both."

The three-week class will begin January 30, 2009. The class is free but you must be a forum member and registered by January 28. Check the forum for more information.

2007 Kitebuilder of the Year, Jimbo, will present an 8-sided version of 12 sided Crown Kite. The modified design is based on 30 spars and has an outside diameter of about 74 inches. If you want to build this kite, continue to check the website as information becomes available. We expect this project to run sometime this Spring and there will be a limit of 100 participants. Click HERE for more information.

Whew! Have you been following Whatakite’s online project? He’s been cutting the skins for high-wind, hard-pulling Bulldog Parafoils for fifty forum members. We expected the sign ups for this project to extend through January ’09, but all fifty kits were purchased in about two weeks! This has been an extremely popular project. As of today there have been almost 16,000 views. Click HERE to add to the count. I hope all the builders can some day attend a festival and get all the dogs up in a pack. It will be a great spectacle in the sky, a real dogfight! Bulldogs make wonderful lifters for line laundry and I am sure the builders will be making all kinds of dog art. And if they are not building, Dave & Suzie Gomberg will gladly provide pre-built accessories (your welcome David J ).

Ahhh... The pink sands of the Caribbean; it's what cold winter dreams are made of. Add a kite, and it would be perfect! Now until supplies last: .
65 oz Caribbean Ripstop - $3.00/ yard
.75 oz Caribbean Ripstop - $4.00/ yard
.75 oz Pink Ripstop- $4.00/ yard
50, 150, & 200 pound, 3,000 feet Pink Line - $15.00

View all of our current special here:

Have you seen our new kitebuilder merchandise? Cool hats, shirts, and stickers. Warm sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. Check out this short video:

If you act quick you can get 10% off and FREE shipping! Use code EMAILOFFER4U.
This Offer Ends Monday, Jan 19, 2008 at Midnight!

Get your gear HERE

If you would like to discover additional kite festivals and building retreats, be sure to check our website link below. Forum members post events all over the world.

Are you a member of facebook? There is a growing community of kiters. One of the greatest benefits to working at Kite Studio and, is that I consider most all my customers as friends. I don’t think there are many professions where the same can be said. Anyway, I am on facebook… just look for my name: “Steve Ferrel”. Join the crowd!

Speaking of faces, pop your head out the window. How’s the temperature in your neck of the woods? Today in eastern PA the high is 16 F. I’ve been reading that many of you are experiencing averages that are much lower - PERFECT kitebuilding weather. Take advantage of some of these sales, rev up your sewing machine, and get your kite bag ready for spring!

That’s all I have for now, initially I thought this was going to be a brief newsletter, sorry to keep you so long… but hey, it’s a winter afternoon, what else are you going to do? Now go build a kite!

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